Expected Results and Achievements


1. Establishment and organization of  rescue and survival chains in emergencies and disasters ;

2. Prevention and management of crises and disasters (Emergency Preparedness) ;

3. Reconstruction and rehabilitation in post-crisis, reconstruction and development phase;

4. Conflict management ;

5. Advocacy and humanitarian diplomacy ;

6. Participation and capacity building of vulnerable populations, community-based organizations and civil society

7. The development of national and international partnerships in the fight against poverty, misery, under - development, HIV / AIDS and suffering in Cameroon;

8. And social mobilization of domestic resources, national and international;

9. The completion of multiple share support and public interest;



10. Poverty reduction and Human sufferings alleviation ;

11. Youth and women empowerment and employment ;

12. Effective and efficient emergency relief and humanitarian assistance provided to vulnerables in Cameroon and Africa.