Our Vision

Our Vision


Humanitarian action in Cameroon, despite the progress made since the 60s, when recognition of the Movement of the Red Cross as Cameroonian Association of public utility in Cameroon, is still embryonic and misunderstood people, actors and beneficiaries various programs, projects and actions implemented.
Humanitarian and geopolitical context as well as the relative stability of Cameroon in the sub-region have made it a bowl receiver and a haven of mass influx of people who fled for various reasons their home countries to seek asylum and refuge with host communities in Cameroon.

From memory of men, it has always been so, but what about the behaviors, habits and cultures that vary from one region to another in Cameroon, Africa and the world? international solidarity which has its origins in the writings and the oldest texts do teach us that it not only can be of assistance without code? Popular generosity is  far from disinterested research framework ever increasing quality and accountability, without which it becomes obsolete?
Indeed, he who gives generously and voluntarily, would not - he not know that his having achieved? As he brought relief to vulnerable populations and beneficiaries?

Thus, it clearly transpires that the international and national solidarity in Cameroon is still at the dawn of the recognition and application of the principles mentioned above to "Accountability" and "Quality"! That is why the reform of humanitarian action in the world in terms of quality management and the amount that has led the United Nations to define the approach "clusters" can not be an exception in Cameroon. Inevitably, Cameroon must go through the accreditation and recognition of actions in favor of vulnerable disaster victims and the poor, by internationally recognized institutions and have proved their worth.

Today, "Humanitarians in Action" would reach the top of the humanitarian pyramid in Cameroon showing the way and support a model worthy of international solidarity. This is to create a national system in Cameroon or National Alliance in the Fight against Suffering of all kinds that occur in poor, disadvantaged and marginalized. The humanitarian justification for its purpose without reference to the feelings of empathy, compassion, love and humility that animate the various donors and benefactors of its multiple actions throughout the world on the one hand, but without mentioning the fact that the humanitarian is "The Art of Giving!



"Art is giving his life for others!"

This is the art of giving it a little to change a life other than his! Thus the essence of humanity and humanitarian based in the gift.


Today, more than ever, this art is sought throughout the world in general, but particularly in Cameroon. As Executive Director of "Humanitarians in Action," it is my duty, with the rich experience I've gained in international solidarity, asking my stone to build a new revolutionized generation humanitarian actors in their thoughts, in their words. We are at a time of crises, disasters and emergencies, no one can now operate outside of it. All companies in the world should now be mobilized to provide assistance, because today "humanitarian is everyone's business."