Our Missions

"H.A." is a civil society organization actively present on the field of poverty reduction and human sufferings alleviation. Our main mission is to provide emergency relief and humanitarian assistance to vulnerables in disasters and crisis.



Other missions


- Ensure development of generations of young Cameroonians against poverty, under - development and  HIV / AIDS;
- Create a national and international movement for the development of vulnerable populations;
- Contribute to the reduction of maternal, neonatal and child mortality in Cameroon;
- Contribute to the pursuit of peace and alleviating the suffering of people and street children in Cameroon;
- Participate in the fight against poverty and malnutrition;
- Organize a space for the promotion of universal values ​​in Cameroon through dialogue, exchange of ideas and experiences;
- Create a solidarity fund to bear the various efforts to fight against the phenomenon of street children, poverty and misery;
- Engage all necessary actions to support people living with HIV / AIDS, promotion and protection of their rights and duties;
- Mobilize resources for prevention and care of vulnerable OVC infected and affected by HIV / AIDS;
- Growing populations in Cameroon family education, more accountable by raising awareness of the threats to them;
- Promoting the rights of men, women and children, and combat exclusion and discrimination of all kinds in their place;
- Promote timely access to primary health care including essential drugs against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), HIV / AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and related infectious diseases among vulnerable populations, very poor backgrounds disadvantaged and street children;
- Promote international cooperation and engagement in humanitarian assistance and relief of suffering of our target populations;
- Support and promote programs to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV;
- Support the routine medical care of the mother tested positive in programs to reduce transmission Mother - Child HIV;
- Contribute to the improvement of the coverage of obstetric needs in Cameroon;
- Encourage vaccination coverage among street children and girls free in Cameroon.
- Promoting the culture of sport as a means of assistance to vulnerable populations;
- Initiate, cultivate and strengthen the spirit of solidarity, partnership and exchange of experiences among its members;
- Foster the emergence of Cameroonian society more harmonious and able to cope with the challenges of globalization;
- Contribute to the effective, efficient and sustainable in achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Cameroon;