"HUMANITARIANS IN ACTION" is a not for profit Association based in Cameroon and created in January 2000 for Emergency Relief and Humanitarian Assistance in Cameroon and Africa. Our organization is actively present in fight against poverty and human sufferings alleviation. We are based in Yaounde, the capital city.



We provide a wide range of services to vulnerable people and communities in Cameroon and in Africa, such as :

 - Emergency Relief,

 - Humanitarian Assistance in Health, Education, Social, Protection and human rights

 - Poverty reduction

 - Human sufferings alleviation

 - Civil Society Capacity Building

 - Staff trainings

 - Projects and Programmes Management

 - Monitoring and Evaluation of projects and Programmes

 - International cooperation and humanitarian advocay

 - Sustainable development

 - Women empowerment and leadership

 - Innovation and new technologies approaches and concepts

 - ...